December 18, 2007

What I'm going to do on my X-mas Vacation...

For the first time in years, I will NOT be working the 2 weeks of X-mas and New Years. I simply don't know what to do. I'm kind of giddy about it, actually. I'm thinking I might actually try something I've always wanted to try. My mother has one of those Craft-matic beds. Now. If you've never been in a craft-matic bed, my suggestion is that if you ever get the opportunity to lay in one, run screaming in the opposite direction. These are by far the. most. comfortable beds on the planet. I sleep as I usually do, flat, but if I have the time and feeling uber lazy, what I do is get the control in hand and prop up the bed for my legs and back so I can properly watch TV. What I've learned, is when your body gets in a comfortable, and ergonomic position like this, it don't wanna move. Ever. For any reason. Period. And if there's a TV in the room? Fucking Fuggitaboudit. God forbid you find a movie. Just call in any appointments for the day. Anyway, I want to try to see how long I can stay in bed. Becuase, you know, I can. How about staying in bed for another oh...4 hours? I'm sure I could goof around and find enough crap to watch, and do (it's perfect knitting conditions). So let's make it 6. 13 hours in bed. I wonder if I can do it?? Heh.

December 10, 2007