October 23, 2007

Thoughts, ponderisms, and synapse firings...

I don't know what I hate more. The waiting, or the wanting.

I mean, the waiting is just, you know waiting. It is what it is.

The wanting is hard, because, you know, I WANT to be in this show. I feel secure in my audition. I totally want a part.

No, I hate the waiting more.

October 19, 2007

Long lost friend found...

I went to Humboldt State.
For many of you out there, that means exactly what you think it means, and you're right...up to a point. I actually didn't become a "real" stoner until I got to CT believe it or not...but I digress.

I did a lot of wonderful singing at Humboldt with Madrigal Choir, Mad River Transit (jazz acapella octet), I had a gig at a hotel, etc. etc. There was one person I recall in particular. Her name is Sheri. She was short, big bushy blond hair, and she latched onto me like a symbiont. I thought it odd at first, and a little off putting, but she became a dear, dear friend. After years of not having any contact with her, I went out on the quest, and found her through her now ex-hubby who was also a friend.

I wasn't sure if she'd remember me, and wrote my first email to her. She wrote back only a few hours later (she's in Texas) and said she had to laugh at my asking if she remembered me. Now this part really just threw me. She said:

"We've had a bunny and now a guinea pig named Juanita because saying your name makes me feel so good!"

...now if that's not a sentence full of warm fuzzies, I don't know what is!!

...so glad I found her!! :)

October 18, 2007

The deed is done...

Before I go any further...
To all of you who wished me well and gave me good vibes, and love and awesome feelings of all sorts...

Thank you, thank you thank you!
It means so much to me that y'all love me like you do. You make my life beautiful!!

I think I nailed it.

This audition was in front of the head of Theater Works, the director, the music director, and producer. Yowza. Didn't stumble on the song, it was clear, it was awesome, the assistant who was waiting outside came in after I sung and said "God, I love that piece". The Music director was all full of nods and "goods" and more nods and the entire table was all "yup, ok, good stuff". After that, I REALLY got nervous as I was sight reading the music they gave me from the show. Now, I looked at this music enough times to get through it well. I fell all over the place, but they gave me a second runthrough and I nailed the passage they wanted to see. "Whew!" I stumbled over stupid stuff, but I got through it, again to nods and "greats" and "alrights" and the like. So.
...now we wait :)

October 17, 2007

Tomorrow, Tomorrow..I audition, tomorrow...

How apropos...
I take a musical line to tell of my musical audition. I'm so clever...but I HATED "Annie"...especially that F-ing song.

Anywho. I audition for Theater Works tomorrow. I'm going to come down with some freaky 24 hour thing, call out of work and concentrate on my music. I have 2 songs that I've prepared, and one of them is the one I auditioned with at open auditions last year. It was nice to be given the option. However, I picked another song which I got from Ruffie (Ruth) our CP pianist. A while ago, she said she wanted to get together to do some music, and she handed me "With every breath I take" from City of Angels. Never heard of it before, but it shows off my very low and upper mid range very nicely. I believe it will be a great audition piece. I actually hung out with her yesterday and she recorded a "karaoke" disc for me so I could practice. Then we actually went through the piece about 5 or 6 times. Each time I sang, I reminded myself. I'm not singing jazz. This is Broadway stuff. Focus! And she is a GREAT coach. She gave me gems of advice that when I put them in action made my tone much more focused, and made the song shine! "Hold onto your notes like you OWN them" she says. Dude. Ruth Rocks. It changed everything. I will get a part in this play. My intention is to sing so well, that they have to choose which part to give me....I like this positive thinking stuff I've been doing lately. It's good stuff, Maynard.

Here's looking toward Broadway....

October 12, 2007

Holy Hell...

1. Queen Size bed delivered tomorrow.
2. Massage tomorrow night.
3. Got a call to audition for "Caroline or Change" with Theater Works.