January 8, 2008

Enough, already!!

Scene from Caroline or Change
I was asked to audition for the moon...

So, I just sent out a letter to someone who can possibly tell me if I have a part or not. I find myself in a position where my decision to audition for this show has caused some ripples. It's very possible that I may have to cancel a gig to benefit the choir which I'm not so happy about, but may work itself out somehow...But yes, kids. I'm STILL waiting!

January 4, 2008

Hippo New Deer!!

Who else remembers Boynton??

New year, new things, new outlook, new beliefs,
new roving, new diary, new purse, new attitude,
new desires, new work ethics, new dishtowels,
new love of life, new chances for love,
new dry erase boards, new respect, new toenails
(really need a pedi), new opportunities, new dreams to come true.

2008? Watch your back!!