December 18, 2007

What I'm going to do on my X-mas Vacation...

For the first time in years, I will NOT be working the 2 weeks of X-mas and New Years. I simply don't know what to do. I'm kind of giddy about it, actually. I'm thinking I might actually try something I've always wanted to try. My mother has one of those Craft-matic beds. Now. If you've never been in a craft-matic bed, my suggestion is that if you ever get the opportunity to lay in one, run screaming in the opposite direction. These are by far the. most. comfortable beds on the planet. I sleep as I usually do, flat, but if I have the time and feeling uber lazy, what I do is get the control in hand and prop up the bed for my legs and back so I can properly watch TV. What I've learned, is when your body gets in a comfortable, and ergonomic position like this, it don't wanna move. Ever. For any reason. Period. And if there's a TV in the room? Fucking Fuggitaboudit. God forbid you find a movie. Just call in any appointments for the day. Anyway, I want to try to see how long I can stay in bed. Becuase, you know, I can. How about staying in bed for another oh...4 hours? I'm sure I could goof around and find enough crap to watch, and do (it's perfect knitting conditions). So let's make it 6. 13 hours in bed. I wonder if I can do it?? Heh.

December 10, 2007

November 29, 2007

Wallet Whoa's!!

So Tuesday morning, I had remembered that I meant to empty my wallet of it's change. So, I took it out of my purse, brought it to my room and started depositing change into the Industrial sized Bombay Sapphire gin bottle that I use to collect coins. Yes, I did have some part in emptying the bottle. Nevertheless, when I was done putting the coins in the bottle, for some reason, I didn't put my wallet back in my went to go get some coffee and breakfast at work that morning...and I didn't have my wallet. I knew exactly where it was and when I didn't see it in my purse, I kinda did one of those 'Scrubs'-like-flashbacks where I pictured my lonely wallet, atop my yarn storage box. Sigh. Since I get coffee often, they gave me what I wanted on an IOU. Thankfully, I brought my lunch. Good enough.

So, Wednesday, with wallet. All good. I did extract my wallet from my purse to purchase another refill on my coffee. Why I didn't just get out a dollar, I'll never know. I keep my purse under my desk, and when I went to put my wallet away, apparently, I kind of just placed it on top of my purse. So, when I grabbed it at the end of the day, the wallet just kind know...popped off. I didn't notice it was missing until I was at the Post Office wanting to know why a package never got delivered...and they couldn't help me without my ID. Great. Yet, again, I had another of those 'Scrubs'-like moments, and knew exactly where it was...I consider myself VERY fortunate, to be able to actually KNOW where my wallet was, but also wonder if such carelessness on my behalf actually means something...perhaps this is an omen...a GOOD omen. I'd like to think it means there will soon be a time where I won't have to worry about my money. Perhaps I'm full of shit. But I doubt it. :)

November 22, 2007

I am thankful for...

...My higher power friends and family body...that it's intact talent...that it's appreciated and that I actually have it apartment car job hair (best hairdo. evar.)
...the ability to love and be loved education trio choir
...quitting smoking
...the air
...trees and all flora and/or fauna
...too many other things to name, but you get the idea...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 20, 2007

The Fight for your Right to be Entertained...

I'm on my way to getting into the big scary world of entertainment. Cliffs will be jumped, abysses (abyss-i) will be leaped, etc. etc. I haven't written a song in a damn long while, but that's beside the point. I just signed the petition for the WGA.

I knew about the strike. I said: "Good for them!" and went about my business. I have now seen at least 10 YouTube vid blogs from the writers themselves this afternoon, (pre-Thanksgiving slump @ work) and am simply appalled. I have heard that it was bad, but I had NO idea exactly how bad. Well, I think y'all should know how bad. They get it worse than new musicians under their big conglomerate companies. And recording artists make shit! I've done my homework on the music side, but if you looked into what the WGA is going through, you couldn't NOT sign up in support. The writers, after all, make the shows what they are. The brilliance of Heroes, The Office, BSG, untold movies, Colbert, Daily Show and others are only brilliant because of the writers. In fact, watch this:
Here's the writers of the "Daily Show" telling you what's what, if you were in withdrawal.

And a great explanation of what's really going on. Almost all of you are in the can tell me to go violate myself or whatever, but I'm taking a stand. Regardless if I become a mega awesome singer bitch or not (not that I'm not already :) I support the people who give me intelligent entertainment, and even the ones who don't. Because even morons need to laugh.

November 18, 2007

Exactly 1 week ago, I was in Marin with my mother having some gnosh. We were at Marin College and my mother was accepting my father's Congressional Medal of Honor. The San Francisco Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen held their ceremonies on November 11, 2007 to honor the all Black 322nd company for their service to a country who wouldn't even let them sit at the front of the bus. I hate to say it, but I have a big "It's about time" attitude for this honor. Now that that's over, when my mother was onstage accepting the honor, I wept. Hard.

It was an emotionally draining day.
That's all I have to say about that...

In complete contrast, I had the opportunity to sing here last night:

onstage at Herbst Theater. I have been singing backup for Pasquale Esposito. A Bocelli-like artist who has been gracious enough to have me on this "mini-tour" of the Bay Area. We did the Montgomery in San Jose in early October, Modesto 3 weeks ago, and last night in S.F. There are talks of a larger national tour and I have been tapped for the CD. They want to tap me for the tour as well...During the break after sound check I took one of the other singers to dinner to Citizen Cake which I parked kitty corner from getting to the Theater. I remembered that Mr. Binty had recommended this place and now I know why. If y'all are going to a show in S.F., stop there first. Very nice place...though I looked like a homeless person. I tend to REALLY dress down before a show. Ah well...our waitress and our hostess were very awesome though...A great meal was had by all. I had to pass on the Creme time, for sure!!

Yeah, still haven't heard from Theater that is.

All in all, things are going very very well.
Now for laundry :)

November 9, 2007

Whee, this is fun!!

Now we're on CD Baby too!

They got clips if you wanna sample...(hint, hint)


November 6, 2007


I'm feeling sort of...well...out of sorts.
I've got nothing to be ashamed of, lots of exciting stuff going on, and yet, I feel a bout of the "blues" coming on, and I don't have a gig anytime soon to release this. Well..I have one next week, but that's the last Italian dude gig. Either way. I know everybody gets this way every now and again, and I guess it's just my turn. I just think it's sucky. I didn't show to some events I was invited to this past weekend, and I just chilled out at the house. I flipped through channels, and relaxed. It was SOOOOOO nice. That's another thing, I wasn't sad, or depressed, though I did have some big things on my mind, but...I just....stopped. I don't do that very often, and again...I guess it was just my turn.
I think it's the "it's getting darker sooner" bit.
I do kinda hate that.

November 3, 2007

CD!! Whee!!

So, I have an album now.
It's available on Amazon!!
Soon to be on CD Baby, and iTunes!
Can you say surreal??

November 1, 2007

Nothing like skin on skin...

Ah, massages...
I'm treating myself to a 1 1/2 hour massage every freaking month from here on out.
Unfortunately, I'm at work, and had to wake up early but the effects of a massage are not so easily dismissed. I'm actually feeling kind of "otherworldly" for lack of a better word...floating's a good one though.

So, go. Don't delay. Make an appointmnet (or for some of us, buy a table and make a room) and get a massage. Make sure it's a 1 1/2 hour massage. Anything less is nice, but not quite enough...

No, I haven't heard from TheaterWorks yet. This makes it 2 weeks. {{sigh}}

October 23, 2007

Thoughts, ponderisms, and synapse firings...

I don't know what I hate more. The waiting, or the wanting.

I mean, the waiting is just, you know waiting. It is what it is.

The wanting is hard, because, you know, I WANT to be in this show. I feel secure in my audition. I totally want a part.

No, I hate the waiting more.

October 19, 2007

Long lost friend found...

I went to Humboldt State.
For many of you out there, that means exactly what you think it means, and you're right...up to a point. I actually didn't become a "real" stoner until I got to CT believe it or not...but I digress.

I did a lot of wonderful singing at Humboldt with Madrigal Choir, Mad River Transit (jazz acapella octet), I had a gig at a hotel, etc. etc. There was one person I recall in particular. Her name is Sheri. She was short, big bushy blond hair, and she latched onto me like a symbiont. I thought it odd at first, and a little off putting, but she became a dear, dear friend. After years of not having any contact with her, I went out on the quest, and found her through her now ex-hubby who was also a friend.

I wasn't sure if she'd remember me, and wrote my first email to her. She wrote back only a few hours later (she's in Texas) and said she had to laugh at my asking if she remembered me. Now this part really just threw me. She said:

"We've had a bunny and now a guinea pig named Juanita because saying your name makes me feel so good!" if that's not a sentence full of warm fuzzies, I don't know what is!! glad I found her!! :)

October 18, 2007

The deed is done...

Before I go any further...
To all of you who wished me well and gave me good vibes, and love and awesome feelings of all sorts...

Thank you, thank you thank you!
It means so much to me that y'all love me like you do. You make my life beautiful!!

I think I nailed it.

This audition was in front of the head of Theater Works, the director, the music director, and producer. Yowza. Didn't stumble on the song, it was clear, it was awesome, the assistant who was waiting outside came in after I sung and said "God, I love that piece". The Music director was all full of nods and "goods" and more nods and the entire table was all "yup, ok, good stuff". After that, I REALLY got nervous as I was sight reading the music they gave me from the show. Now, I looked at this music enough times to get through it well. I fell all over the place, but they gave me a second runthrough and I nailed the passage they wanted to see. "Whew!" I stumbled over stupid stuff, but I got through it, again to nods and "greats" and "alrights" and the like. So.
. we wait :)

October 17, 2007

Tomorrow, Tomorrow..I audition, tomorrow...

How apropos...
I take a musical line to tell of my musical audition. I'm so clever...but I HATED "Annie"...especially that F-ing song.

Anywho. I audition for Theater Works tomorrow. I'm going to come down with some freaky 24 hour thing, call out of work and concentrate on my music. I have 2 songs that I've prepared, and one of them is the one I auditioned with at open auditions last year. It was nice to be given the option. However, I picked another song which I got from Ruffie (Ruth) our CP pianist. A while ago, she said she wanted to get together to do some music, and she handed me "With every breath I take" from City of Angels. Never heard of it before, but it shows off my very low and upper mid range very nicely. I believe it will be a great audition piece. I actually hung out with her yesterday and she recorded a "karaoke" disc for me so I could practice. Then we actually went through the piece about 5 or 6 times. Each time I sang, I reminded myself. I'm not singing jazz. This is Broadway stuff. Focus! And she is a GREAT coach. She gave me gems of advice that when I put them in action made my tone much more focused, and made the song shine! "Hold onto your notes like you OWN them" she says. Dude. Ruth Rocks. It changed everything. I will get a part in this play. My intention is to sing so well, that they have to choose which part to give me....I like this positive thinking stuff I've been doing lately. It's good stuff, Maynard.

Here's looking toward Broadway....

October 12, 2007

Holy Hell...

1. Queen Size bed delivered tomorrow.
2. Massage tomorrow night.
3. Got a call to audition for "Caroline or Change" with Theater Works.


September 25, 2007

Race in the 21st century

I ain't gonna lie.
I'm probably going to marry a white dude.
Now, don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with this. I've been dating white men for years. It's part of the plight of being born of an upper middle class black family. Not too many other blacks around, you hang with who you hang with and identify with those whom you've grown accustomed. So, upper middle class, or upwardly mobile folks and me get along real well. Regardless of race. It just so happens, a lot of the people who were upwardly mobile when I was growing up, were white.

Now, where am I going with this? Well, every now and again, I'm reminded of how beautiful black men can be. It's primal, it gets me going something fierce, and it's just plain animalistic. I become a panther in my brain and feel the need to pounce. It's an automatic reaction. But then, more often then not, they speak. And it's all over. I'm not into hard core hip-hop, though I like some, and I hate gangsta rap. I have no desire to be someone's bitch or ho, but something in me likes the hard talk. But then I snap out of it. What's a girl to do? So, I continue my search for a freaky white boy. I've found a few. A couple I would've loved to have hung around a little longer, but such is life. Are you out there, freaky white boys? Give a holla...

September 13, 2007

We have DVD...

...and just in time.
I'm giving blood tonight, and I'm stayin' home afterwards...Totally watching the rest of my "Buffy" disc and maybe some "Dreamgirls' later. We'll see...

In the mean time,
Aren't I cute??

September 7, 2007

It's been a long time, I shouldn'a left you...without a dope beat to step to...

There was a time when I kinda just wandered through my days. But my days are structured much differently now. I know the day is going to end, and my days go faster. I know that I won't have to be stuck behind this desk for the rest of my life, and my days are better. I know that there will be a day where I no longer have to wake at the ass crack of dawn to do a job I wasn't meant to do. What's happening is what is supposed to happen. I planned it like this. I screwed up getting the desk job, but things are in motion to turn the tables. It'll be a second, but it's happening.

I'm now making another, personal move. I juice every morning (2 stalks of celery, 2 carrots, 1/2 a beet, 1 apple 1 orange). Nectar of the gods, I swear. I'm eating better, and now that I got my VCR working, Billy Blanks, here I come! I also just had my credit limit raised, so after I get my new queen, pillow-top, wake-up-sideways bed, and put my car in the shop, I think a bike might be in order. Everything is slowly, but oh so very surely turning in the direction I have decided I wish to where's that man who'll be there to make me laugh, offer support (more mentally than monetarily, but that works too), total freak in the bed, who doesn't mind a little cushion for a few months while I work my personal pillow-top off??

Too bad I don't do 1-nighters anymore...{{sigh}}

UPDATE: Forget the VCR. I just ordered Billy on DVD. Dude. can't wait! But I gotta get my brother to help me figure out why I can't see my DVD's first. ;)

August 20, 2007

Blog whore...

Why do I have 3 blogs?

This is not a riddle, it's a question that needs answering.

I am at a loss, except to possibly explain that I have 3 different personalities and was saving this for all the bondage/orgy shit. Yeah, right after the tribute to my father. That's workin'.

Well, I guess I better get crackin' then...

April 11, 2007

88 Keys on a piano...

...and 88 years my father would be today!
Toffee Peanuts all around!!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

b. April 11, 1919

April 10, 2007

I"m gonna get me one of these.
...or knit one

April 7, 2007

It's done...

So, the memorial was today. It was nice. It was pleasant. Except that the pastor wouldn't shut up and was very inappropriate. Toward the end, I ended up walking out, it was so bad (he was supposed to be closing the memorial to go to the cemetery). After he said this completely appropriate ending, he went on a rant of how there are really only 2 types of people. Those who accept and acknowledge God, and those who don't, and proceeded to tell a story about how Africans don't know how to inter their dead. I went directly to my car and slapped my FSM emblem on my bumper. I felt better. So, I'm totally emotionally drained, and am preparing to go to bed ass early.

April 6, 2007

Sad Saturday...

So tomorrow, I get to see one of my good friends go through the agony of remembering his mother.
Excuse my language but...fuck.

I will be driving to Sac'to early tomorrow for an 11 am service, to be followed by escorted funeral procession to the cemetery and then to the reception. I'm really trying not to dwell on it, but unfortunately, it has parked itself smack in the middle of my thoughts if I'm not otherwise occupied with work, or sleep. I'm one of those people who looks all hard and stoic on the outside. My mother taught me that. But I'm an artist and tend to emote. I'm really a sap, but when really hard stuff like this happens, I fall back on my mother's way of dealing with pain, and just try to get through it without too much emotion and deal with it later. My resolve was put to the test by Nathania on Wednesday who gave me a long and loving hug. I was thankful for the gesture and being in her arms, I started to crack. I think I really needed that hug, though...There's going to be a rather large Bay Area contingent there for him.

((heavy sigh))

April 2, 2007

Fun Weekend...kinda....

I got to hang out with a of my bestest friends. I believe he and I will be old and gray and hanging out in Florida somewhere. He's a doll and I love him. I dunno what it is about me and gay guys, but they flock to me like flies to shit, and we just love the hell out of each other. What're you gonna do, you know? Anyway, he was in town for a reunion of sorts with CASC. It was an organization for young people who want to do what they can to change the world. An interesting organization and a very good one, too. In any case, we got to hang together and goof around and see the Giants play in one of their last pre-season games. I got a sunburned scalp and lip. Yay.

That was great. Until I got a call from a friend who called to tell me his mother had a stroke, and was whizzing up to Sac'to on a Saturday night. Apparently, it's one of those final blow strokes, and she will not be recovering. But she is "alive". My father also died of a stroke. It was sudden, and though not all together unexpected (he had had several TIA's prior to his last one), was no less sad and painful. However, one thing that I think got us through it better was that we got to talk to him. He was alive for about a week before he let himself go. We all got to talk to him, we gathered around him and talked amongst ourselves while he was there. And I'll be damned if he didn't hear. I know he did. I dare not go on for fear of tearing up again. Anyway, I just hope he's holding up as best he can. I wish he and his family all the best.

March 30, 2007

What the hell took you so long?

Sometimes, I really wonder why I should be proud to be part of a nation who's deeply rooted in bigotry, greed and inanity.
Do you?
This is just ridiculous.
60 years after the fact, the United States honors and "thanks" the Tuskegee Airmen.
A friend of mine emailed me an article about this, and all I could think was
"Well, I guess now is as good a time is any to reach out for that black vote".
Pretty cynical, huh? But can you blame me.
60 Fucking years?
Dad's gone now, with about 70 or 80% of the rest of them.
I'm not bitter. I'm not. I'm just disgusted.
They have been honored in many other ways, by many other dignitaries, with a hell of a lot more sincerity than this frat boy. But I guess Dubya's gonna try and get SOMEONE'S approval.
And 60 years later, G-dub gets to say "Thank you"??


March 29, 2007


Grown up toys are the best!
I got a Samsung Blackberry with Bluetooth headset (My leather case is late, but that's another issue)
I'm waiting on my iPod which should be here today (squee!)!

yeah, that's it.
Only 2 toys, but it's better than a kick in the ass!

March 26, 2007


No booty AND no booty!!

stuff, things and whatnot...

So, Sunday was spent in Santa Rosa. The Choral Project had their first concert there in at least 5 years. It was very well received and appreciated. The day started with a nice "Alto" affair at one of our Altos homes who commutes from SF to San Jose every week to rehearse (Dog bless her). She prepared a wonderful brunch of fruit, fritatta, banana bread, scones, baked veggies, and real authentic and real Italian espresso (her husband is molto italiano). I think that was what really did it for me. That espresso was exquisite! We all took off after the wonderful brunch and chugged off to Santa Rosa. Took a bit more than an hour, but it was a nice drive, and I carpooled with people I usually don't hang with, so it was a new thing and pretty fun too! We kicked ass, took names, bob's yer uncle.

Looking forward to going home (as I am every day I'm behind a desk). I believe there is booty waiting at my door!
No, not that kind of booty....although, that would be VERY nice.
I believe I'll have at least 1 new toy to play with this evening. This comes at a very opportune time. I have a Monday off for the first time since the beginning of the year! My Mondays are pretty much 16 hour affairs. Not complaining, just a fact.
So, I'm really anxious to get home. I will be lazing about because my allergies have finally kicked in and they're kickin' my sorry ass. Head feels like a lead weight.

So, the day's almost over and out of the 7 people who are supposed to be here at the end of the day, I am the only one left in the last hour. We had 2 people call out sick, one had an even worse problem than a head cold and had to be let go, one took a half day, and the other 2 left early.

I should be working.

March 23, 2007


Uncle Sam done got me some Moh-Nay!!

I won't divulge how much, but suffice it to say, I upgraded my phone, my iPod and my eyesight (Ophthalmologist appointment)!!

Very excited!!

March 22, 2007

Got bit by the bug...

You ever hear of VGL? Well, go to the link and see about it.
I got to sing for VGL in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.
You talk about f-u-n! I hadn't considered choral music for video games until this performance. They coincided their performance with a Video Game Convention in San Francisco, and Koji Kondo was there (for those of you who don't know, that's the guy who composed all that catchy Mario music), and it was just HAWESOME!! VGL does this differently though. You'd think it was a touring orchestra/choir deal. Apparently, they show up in a venue a month ahead of time, and get musicians from around the area to play. Give them music and a couple of weeks and they perform. We get scale, and go home. But it was THE most fun I've ever had on a gig. I've been thinking about and sitting on my experience for a long time, and have decided, I want in.

I totally want to get into the Video Game Industry (sounds like a bad essay, don't it?). If I wasn't doing this desk job, I'd be a guaranteed gamer. I've been up all hours of the night playing Final Fantasy. I've gotten a full blown migraine because my eyeballs were the only thing that moved playing Need for Speed Underground. I understand the geekiness of it all. And now I want to immerse myself in it's music. I know my chances are pretty ok. It's still young, and I think there's room for a real belty alto like myself. So, I'm making contact. I contacted some folks from that gig and some other people too. A couple of emails, andI have all the contact numbers, emails and web pages.
Right. On.

Very excited. Also, I get to work with Mr. Twix, Rodney Saulsberry doing some voice over stuff.

March 19, 2007


After all that time I took to recover last week, I wake up on Monday, tired as hell.
Go figure.
I got a lot done this weekend, however.

Saturday was early rising. Actually I slept in, but I would LOVE to sleep in until 10. I woke up at 8. Anyway, I woke up, did a lot of net surfing, and got ready for my 11:30 voice lesson. She's 8 years old. It went fine, but I've reached a point in her teaching that I need to approach it differently. I wonder what I'll do? Hmmm....

Had church band rehearsal which went of smoothly, then met another potential student after that. She's about 22 and going to sing in a wedding for family and wants to be sure she can pull it off. Because she's so eager to get it sung right, she wants to double up on her lessons and have hour lessons...Ok by me. Mo' money, mo' money! She's thinking she'll just quit when she's done, which is fine, but we'll see.

Then, I headed off to mom's. Apparently she had an extra ticket with which to see Chanticleer, so I went with her and my brother. It was a wonderful concert, and they always sing so perfectly. It's almost annoying how well they sing. But it was nice. Concert was preceeded with chinese food. Mmmm.

Sunday was good. Woke up, took a shower, did my har, got ready for church, and really wailed on Sunday morning. Interesting backstory: The church I sing with is in peril. They may be disbanded and they have a "consultant" to help with finances and hopefully get the church back on it's feet (we are currently 'homeless'). Anyway, some of the talk was about letting me go since I'm "hired help". So, I figured, let's let it go since I probably won't be here much longer anyway. Well, after Sunday, let's just say I secured my job! ((tee hee))

After that, I took the afternoon off and went knitting!! See, I was originally supposed to accompany my friend and her mother (I call her MomBoss) to a Rinde Ekert Concert, "Slow Fire" which I had seen before, but at the time (5 months ago) thought it would be fun to see it again. Recent and current "busy-ness" kept this from becoming a fun venture for me, and I ended up backing out at the last minute. I felt bad, but haven't had a lot of good down time, so I took advantage of the opportunity. So, I went to Purlescence and knit my little bootie off! What joy I find in yarn!

After that, JCT had a rehearsal to go over some new tunes, and to solidify some old ones for our 2nd recording session at Fantasy Studios in May to clean up some tunes we recorded in February.
After reherasal, we invariably hang out, drink wine and perhaps have dinner. Last night, I sprung for pizza. Goood Pizza from Pizz'a Chicago. Good stuff, Maynard. I ended my Sunday wtih a trip to the hospital. A friend/knitter/singer has some lower abdominal issues and she's been in the hospital since last Friday. I didn't think I'd get the opportunity to see her, but fortunately, the drummer in JCT knows her as well, and he had called ahead to see if it was OK. So we went. She looks much better than the initial reports where she was sallow, eyes sunken in, the whole bit. She was watching a movie on her portable DVD when we arrived and was quite pink in the cheeks, so thankfully, she's on the mend. Unfortunately, they don't know what it is that happened just yet, but hoping they find an answer soon.

So, all in all, on my Sunday "day off" I was pretty busy. But I loved it.

March 16, 2007

All in a Day's whatever...

I'm finally making progress in life, knitting and everything else. It's been a long haul, and even though I have a long ways to go, I'm getting there. Trust. I sing jazz and clasical music and am involved in the study of Voice Over. I work at "a-local-first-rate-medical-teaching-school-institution", I'm knitting several garments, work out, teach voice, sing in church choir and what else...hmmm I'm working on finding out how much money I gotta spend to start swimming now that the weather's nice ($150 to join and $49/mo just to use the pool?? I dunno). I've been a big girl my whole life. Had a period where I lost 100 pounds, and then gained it back in 3 years. Very stressful times, makes you care less about working out. Thankfully, my mind's back in the right place, and walking 3 miles a day helps too. Need just a tad bit more help on the foodstuffs, but have a better handle on that than ever, so as far as I'm concerned, 'sall good.

To find the balance in all that I do is key, and isn't completely easy. I wake up early so I can catch the train to work, and it takes me an hour to get here. So 2 hours on commute time, cuts into your "off work" time, which kinda sucks. Sure, I could look for a job closer to home. Have actually considered it. But at the same time, I'm not really trying to have another desk job. I'm going to make my voice work for me and have lots of gigs and working on voice over opportunities. That's where my heart lies. I will make money with my voice. So. This makes things hard. Lots of risk involved, but totally worth it. Such is the life of an "arts" person.

Holy Crap...

I don't know what's wrong with me.
I'm just a blog slut, is all. I don't know how many of these things I have now, but apparently I have to have at least 4 of them to feel like I matter in the world. So, I'm going to systematically get rid of the other 3 (of the 7) I have, so I can feel normal again. Sheesh!

Anyway, I had a blog that was more of a random thought blog, and it didn't go over well amongst my people, so I had to get rid of it. Hoping to meet a new audience as well. I have a knitting blog (since I knit) and a regular other blog, but this is going to be my bitch blog. Also, an attempt to hone my writing skills because, well, I don't have any. So, as the blog says, WTF?

Ok, Official Blog #4. Here we go...