May 23, 2008

Memorial Day...I think I get it now...

Ok, y'all know me, right?
You know, I'm not about the Labor Day, Memorial Day thing outside of it means I get to enjoy a day off. I guess I never made a big deal about it because my father never made a big deal about it.

Well, this Memorial Day, that all changes...FOR GOOD!!
As I've bragged proudly before on these blogospheres, my father was a Tuskegee Airman. During his life, he was always very quiet about his time in the air over Italy during WWII (again, my father's story, is pretty freakin' great), and was very humble when being given awards and the like. It wasn't until just a few years before he passed that I realized he earned an Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross. My mother and I also collected his Congressional Medal of Honor which was bestowed only last year to all Tuskegee Airmen. I, you know??

Well, since my father's passing, my mother has stepped up to accept all kinds of awards, plaques and accolades given to my father in thanks for his service in escorting our bombers safely during WWII. Well, this weekend she continues to honor my father and all other servicemen. My mother has just landed in Washington D.C. where she has been asked to lay wreaths at 3 memorials on the National Mall.

These three...
The World War II Memorial (She was asked to attend the opening of this memorial, BTW)

The Air Force Memorial

The Tomb of the Unknowns

After she does this, an announcement of a Scholarship Award in my father's name will be announced.
And THEN she's going to be in a parade.

Seriously. My mother, 83 years young, has been bestowed an honor not given to many folks.

I'm not only very proud, I'm just nonplussed, and like giddy! I, of course, did not accompany her, but thanks to her giving birth to 8 children, there's enough of us Harrises to go around, and the East Coast contingent (brother, sister, nieces) are all waiting to be with her.

So, for the first time EVER, I actually am going to honor Memorial Day for what it is, and not just wake up and go, "Yay! Monday off!"
A time to remember my father and the generations of men before and after him, who've done their time taking care of business.

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