October 6, 2011

Saving myself...

I'm going to make this a makeshift blog about my desire to travel and the money I need to save.  So...let's try this:

The average cost, if I wanted to book now for May would be approximately $1500.
That's a round trip ticket.  I could totally do a one-way for about $500 each way, but the travel time is murderous.

The plan is, to get there, and stay for at least 3 weeks.  So, I'd have to have at least $3000 saved up for this trip to occur at all.

So.  I'm selling my instruments, I have a Craigslist ad online for my services as a vocalist, I will be turning to the Mortuaries very soon, and start making some cash.

I am chasing my dream.  I am sans office job, on unemployment, and making my dreams real.
It's no easy task.  But I'm up to it.

I won't have to worry about sleeping arrangements as I have the "friends who know friends" option available, and have been confirmed.  Coincidentally, this person is also a singer in France so...you know, I'll get a first hand look.

This is my first foray into traveling abroad by myself.  I think it is very much needed.


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